OpenSolaris Opening Day — Where’s ssh?

Yay! OpenSolaris is out. The amount of work, energy and dedication that the OpenSolaris team has put into the project is fantastic. They got 132 engineers to write 215,000 words’ worth of blog entries for opening day (not enough, I suppose, given how many engineers we have, but that’s a large novel’s worth of postings written in a few short weeks — readers will be busy digesting all that material!). Crucial to this effort was easy blogging tech; blogging is here to stay, you’ll only see more of it.

O.K., but, where’s the Solaris Secure Shell? Ah, well, it will be there. It’s not there now, and that’s partly my fault as I didn’t notice that it wouldn’t be, and why, until it was almost too late, and my initial stab at a build system fix that would have allowed ssh to be in OpenSolaris was incomplete and so I missed the deadline. Please accept my apologies, readers and OpenSolaris team alike.

For more info on OpenSolaris and missing crypto code, see Darren’s blog entry on the topic.

~ by nico on June 10, 2005.

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