Another CIFS server topic to blog about: Filesystem I18N

Late last year I wrote a blog entry about filesystem internationalization. It did not discuss the CIFS server project, but that was definitely on my mind. We had recently had several discussions about the various filesystem I18N problems, and that blog post more or less summarized what we’d decided to do. Now you can see that the Solaris I18N engineers (e.g., Ienup Sung) have delivered several major components:

So now we have codeset conversion APIs, Unicode encoding conversion APIs and Unicode normalization and string preparation APIs in the kernel and in user-land, including Unicode case-folding, and case- and normalization-insensitive Unicode string comparison. That’s impressive! Ienup and his team did an excellent job of that. I did code reviews for Ienup, and feel that the code is quite good. Congrats Ienup!

It’s time to update that ASCII art picture in my fs I18N blog entry to include SMB…

Did I mention that these components are open source?

~ by nico on November 7, 2007.

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