In Austin for ACL? Don’t miss Gotan Project

I saw Gotan Project last night. Wow. What a show. They play again tonight, don’t miss them. The crowd loved them, and they even loved it when they played a straight Tango tune, Canaro en París (a guitar duo version can be heard here), a very difficult piece (it gets very fast at the end), both to play and to dance. Gotan Project’s version of Canaro en París was one of the fastest I’ve heard yet. The crowd (mostly Austinites) even screamed “¡Otra! ¡Otra! …,” demanding an encore.

Unfortunately, there is no suitable dance floor at Stubb’s, and what there is was crowded.

Gotan Project had:

  • one celloist
  • three violinists
  • one piano player
  • one bandoneonista
  • one guitarist
  • one DJ
  • one keyboardist
  • one singer
  • and a heck of a sound

Some things were canned: drums, and vocals for at least one song.

~ by nico on September 14, 2007.

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